Wedding Car Hire in Essex

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When you’re planning such a special day, it’s part of the tradition to arrive in style. At Carol’s Classics, we have a range of luxury cars to transport you to your wedding destination in Essex, whether for an Asian wedding, a traditional British wedding, or a more multi-cultural affair. With highly trained chauffeurs, any pre-wedding nerves will be kept at bay, entering into a moment of calm before the swirl of activities that come with marriage. Slide into the comfortable plush leather seats of your car of choice, where you can enjoy the air conditioning and spacious backseat.

When to Book

Like most aspects of wedding planning, it’s important to book your transport well in advance to ensure you get the best quality. We recommend booking with us at least six months in advance to avoid disappointment. It’s also worth keeping in mind that our busiest times are during the spring and summer months when most weddings occur. It’s also worth noting that our vintage and classic cars are popular throughout the year, so they tend to get booked up faster.

How to Book

It is possible to contact us via email and telephone, with our details below. Our recommendation is to meet us in person. Located in Hornchurch, in Havering, we sit snuggly between London and Essex, making us the ideal choice for those from either the city or the county. By visiting us in person, you will have a chance to see the cars up close and personal, giving you a good look at the vehicle you’re hoping to book, as well as seeing your other options. We know that the little details are important, which is why it is best to see the cars for yourself. Then you just need to picture yourself and your loved one being whisked away in a car of your choice, complete with the ribbons and decorations you desire.

What Time to Book

On the big day, it’s important to take into account any possible delays in traffic that you could encounter when going from A to B. We recommend giving yourself an extra 20-30 minutes between each journey you have to make on the day when planning your travel and itinerary. It’s also important to be aware in case there are any one-off events happening at the same time as your wedding, just in case, this could impact your journeys. This will ensure a stress-free day, where you can truly sit back and relax.

Who to Book

When thinking about your wedding car, it’s a good idea to also make room for your photographer as then they can capture every moment of you and your bridal party: before, during, and after the ceremony. Aside from this, you can hire a whole fleet of our cars to transport as many members of your wedding party as you wish.

Contact Us

If you would like to discover more about our wedding cars, please visit our contact page to fill out your information, or email us at Alternatively, you can reach us directly by calling either 07840 408 960 or 01708 469 637. A member of our team will be glad to help you.

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