Indian Wedding Car Hire

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Are you planning an Indian wedding? Indian weddings are known for their decadence and glamour but there isn’t just the ceremony and the wedding party to think about. The couple need to show up to their wedding in style too! Hiring a classic car from an Asian wedding car hire company for your wedding is the perfect romantic touch to the biggest day in a couple’s life together.

Why hire a wedding car?

Wedding cars
We know everyone has different tastes when it comes to cars and transport, but professional wedding car-hire companies have a huge array of different models and styles of classic vehicles on offer. Whether it’s a white Rolls Royce or a blue Bentley that’s to your taste, one thing that’s guaranteed is that classic cars are always a sophisticated mode of travel. Impress the guests with a classic car that exudes romance and class at your wedding.

Asian wedding car hire
Because of the typically long duration of Indian weddings, we would recommend using a car hire company that offers a specialist service for Asian wedding car hire. This will allow for the car to be used for the entire day from 7 am until midnight – or as many days as your celebrations last! An Indian wedding can last an average of three days, so be sure to find a company who will happily lend out their cars for this duration of time.

When hiring through a professional wedding car company, you will also have the option of requesting a chauffeur alongside your choice of car. This is a great option for those who don’t want to burden one of the guests with the job of driving between venues. With a chauffeur to navigate the car between the wedding ceremony and the wedding party, the bride and groom can sit back in luxury and be taken care of the way they should on their big day! And nothing screams class and romance like having a chauffeur waiting on you, right?

Who to contact?
Here at Carol’s Classics, we understand that weddings are never cheap to organise and that it’s difficult to know which part of the wedding is the most important to spend money on. We don’t want you to miss out on the experience of arriving at your wedding in style however and pride ourselves on our company’s affordability when it comes to our services. We also offer a service especially for Indian wedding car hire, to ensure that you can use your choice of car for as long as your wedding lasts. We will also endeavour to cater for the date of your wedding and are happy to discuss your individual requirements to ensure that we help everything to run smoothly on the big day!

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and find the wedding car of your dreams today.

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