8 Tips for Organising Your Indian or Asian Wedding’s Transport

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Indian and Asian weddings are generally far larger in size, and longer in duration than other British weddings, meaning that the transportation arrangements need to be fine-tuned to ensure that everyone gets to the right place for the right time – with nobody left behind.

We understand the pressures of planning an Indian wedding, so here at Carol’s Classics, we’ve compiled this handy list of 10 tips to help you with organising your Indian or Asian wedding’s transport:

1. Who Are You Sorting Transport for?

Given that it’s your Indian wedding, it’s up to yourself and your immediate family how much of the transportation you organise for the guests. Depending on budget and the amount of planning you wish to undertake – especially if family or friends are flying in from overseas – it’s important that you sort out how much budget you want to put to one side for transport arrangements.

2. Accommodated or Travelling Home?

Does your venue have the capacity for guests to stay over in its hotel or suites? Whilst you’ll still have to assist with the transportation of those arriving at the venue; for those staying in the grounds, you may be able to leave them to sort it themselves the following day.

3. Airport Pickups

If you do have family or friends flying in from different countries for your Indian wedding, it’s important that you arrange to have a family or friend representative at the airport ready to pick everyone up: there’s nothing worse than getting off a long flight only to realise you’re lost and confused in a new country!

4. Shuttles or Coaches?

If you are opting to fund the transport of the majority of your guests (which can reach heights of 500+ at some Asian weddings), the hire of a shuttle or coach for the bulk of your guests can be a good choice.

5. Hire Private Cars

For the closest family members and friends – and the bride and groom themselves – it’s important that they arrive in style at each venue. With the hire of a quality car for the Indian wedding, you can convey the lavishness of your special day – making it memorable for decades to come. An Indian wedding car in London or Asian wedding car hire can be found at Carol’s Classics.

6. Decorate the Vehicles
Many Indian wedding car hire or coach hire companies will be happy for you to do a bit of decorating on their vehicles in-keeping with the wedding theme. This can make it far easier for guests to identify the right cars for the fleet.

7. Check for Luggage Amounts

If some of your guests are coming straight from the airport to the wedding, it’s important that you sort out their luggage before they get to the venue – else you’re going to end up with a big mess to sort out in the lobby.

8. Make Taxi Numbers Readily Available

Weddings are brilliant days and can also turn into lively evenings, so it’s important to ensure that all of your wedding guests have the number for a reputable taxi rank in the area – just to be on the safe side!

Whatever your Indian wedding car hire, or Asian wedding car hire needs in London, be sure to contact us here at Carol’s Classics, where we can unite you with the ideal wedding car hire package for your big day in the capital.

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