4 Non-Wedding Related Reasons to Arrive Chauffeur-Driven by Carol’s Classics

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There’s something so special about turning up to an event in a fancy car – whether it’s the Baftas or your distant cousin’s bar mitzvah – rocking up in a striking set of wheels has anyone feeling like a million dollars. We understand that classic cars are often associated with wedding days, but you’ll find a plethora of occasions where being chauffeured by one of our team in a vintage vehicle will add that finishing touch to a great day.

Here at Carol’s Classics, we’ve been creating luxury transport solutions for weddings and offering chauffeur services in Essex for years, enriching the days and nights of many party goers. That’s why today we thought we’d give you some inspiration on how you can utilise a classic car from us, with some examples:

Anniversary Dinner Pick Up

If you’re about to celebrate a landmark figure with your beau – whether you’re married or in a relationship – there’s no better way to start the evening by surprising your lover by having them picked up in a chauffeured car.

With a range of cars to choose from, we’d definitely recommend one of our Rolls Royce’s for a vintage lover. Encourage your partner to get all dressed up to the theme and plan a retro evening for an occasion they won’t forget, even when they’re annoyed with you for leaving your socks out of the washing basket (hopefully).

Prom Nights

Your daughter or son’s prom night in high school is one of the most important evenings of their teenage years, so having them picked up and dropped off in a chauffeured car will ensure it’s a fond memory for many years to come.

Unless you want to surprise them, you could ask your child to pick their own car to give them their own independence in such a coming-of-age moment.

Birthday Parties

If someone close to you has a significant age birthday coming up soon, why not surprise them with a classic car drive to their destination? Whether you’re going out for a family meal, or have planned a surprise party, we’ll make sure they arrive feeling like the centre of attention.

Theatre Trip

Everybody enjoys a good trip to the theatre; getting all dressed up and basking in some cultural delights – and how better to round this off than opting for a chauffeur-driven mode of transport to and from the venue? With a few glasses of fizz, you’ll have a memorable night guaranteed. Make sure you book in advance to ensure that our cars are available on the date of the showing you have tickets for, we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed!

If you’d like to know more about booking luxury car hire in Essex, contact us today where our team can set you up with your ideal car. If you have any special requirements for your day that we can fulfil for you, be sure to let us know: we’re happy to accommodate!

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